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Mike Ondra

Thanks Gary and Bill. Amazingly fast response.

To answer Bill’s question, the gearbox is basically the box with top and bottom plates with lipseals that seal to the gearbox “core” (for lack of a more precise term). The drive shaft that passes up through the boom tends to bind on that “core” with rust. In pounding on the shaft the upper plate broke at all four corner screws. Its shot. Looking at a new gearbox.

With the top plate broken, the rest of the gearbox housing could easily be taken apart. I am left with the shaft through the boom, the top plate, the “core” (rusted to the shaft) and the brass gear on the “core”. I need to separate the shaft from the “core” to get is out of the boom and reuse the shaft with a new gearbox.

Gary’s “pusher” approach will likely be my next effort.

Note that the sledge hammer approach is NOT the way to do this. Annual removal and greasing cannot be over stated.

Mike Ondra


Rock Hall, MD

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Hey Mike -

Sorry to hear about your troubles... I too have been a victim of this process and due to "lack of maintenance" (no offense of course). Just to be clear and so I can paint a better picture in my head. There are two "plates" or covers that also house a seal on the top and bottom of the transmission... Was it this piece which broke?

Does the transmission spin when the out haul motor is engaged? If not does it spin at all or is it completely seized in its place?

From what I remember, there are two gears. A worm gear coming from the motor shaft, and a main gear attached to that stainless steel shaft that your Andersen shaft runs through. That stainless steel shaft also has 2 large race bearings and a few locking snap clamps.

Please provide a few more details and I will do my best to help you out. I know if I cannot you will have no problem getting responses/advice from some of the more experienced members on this site.


Bill Maffei

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