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Mike Ondra

Thanks Danny. As usual, there is more than 1 way to skin a cat. And it seems Amel owners find many ways.



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Hi Mike, I had the same problem. Heat from a gas torch works well, you and I both should have started there. I was hauled out at the marina in Colon and as preventative maintenance decided to replace the bearings before the big pacific crossing. When the shaft wouldn't move I asked the yard for a man with a gas torch. I got a big man with a big gear puller and a big hammer. Same result as you. Then they sent a man with a gas torch, came apart easily. I got a new top plate made at an engineering firm in Colon. When you are fixed and reassembling put lanacote on the shaft, works long term, much better than grease



SM 299 Ocean Pearl


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I know others have had difficulty extracting from the gearbox the shaft that drives the gypsy, an operation that often requires some significant force. After neglecting to lubricate that shaft for a year or two (maybe more) I had the same problem. Tensioning a halyard to the top of the shaft and some aggressive upward pounding with a sledge hammer succeeded in breaking the top plate of the gearbox. While this facilitated partial disassembly of the gearbox in place, we are left with the core of the gearbox and the gear still in place and frozen to the shaft which remains through the boom.

Proposed next steps:

1) Remove the large gear from the core. It was not obvious to me how that gear is splined to the core. Can that gear be extracted downward with a gear puller?

2) After removing the gear, my thought is to expand the core by heat which hopefully will then allow the shaft to be extracted.

Thoughts and suggestions? This is the Leroy Somer MVA M33C gearbox.

Suggestion to others, remove and grease the mainsail outhaul shaft at least once a year.

Mike Ondra


Rock Hall, MD

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