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Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,
Interesting observation - it seemed like one of those purposeful Amel things. The space does not communicate with anything - it is simply a hollow void below the propeller shaft housing. I suppose if you sealed it you would have about 1 cubic foot of air sealed off with, what?, 62 pounds of buoyancy. Then again, with the hole open it may still be filled with air as there is no vent on the top. Then again, there is no vent on top of the rudder and it fills up with water. So maybe it's one of those things that is really of no consequence. Although if your seal leaked and some water did make its way inside it would not drain out and I suppose it could, under some strange circumstance, freeze and crack the housing. Unless Olivier has an engineering explanation to the contrary, I suspect this is not an important issue.

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Hi Craig, et al.
I think it's in the thread about my CDrive problems somewhere that this hole in the bottom of the "foot" was the result of the manufacturing process.  Olivier said to fill and seal it.
I don't know what it communicates with.

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Hi Eric, 

Have sent the pics to your private email. 

Btw, as I did this project I noticed there's a drain hole in the bottom of the lower C drive, similar to the hole in the bottom of the rudder, as that section below the propeller is simply a hollow fairing. One more interesting Amel design detail.  So if you get water weeping from the C drive after you haul, this is why. Worth cleaning up any fouling in the gap between the keel shoe plate and the bottom of the C drive.

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