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I posted some new photos in the Photos File Folder labeled something like "Amel SM Outhaul Service" in which I show the assembly order of the gearbox parts (which corresponds to the file uploaded by Eric to the Files section on the parts for this unit).  In that photo are depicted the tools I used to disassemble the gears from the hollow shaft.  They are press fit and I used the gear splitting tool (not sure if that is the correct name) to cradled the gear, then I used the standard puller to attach to that and they came off in the usual fashion without much difficulty. Driving the new gears into place I used a deep socket of the appropriate size to place all pressure on the center portion of the bearing (that part that is press fit to the shaft) so as not to deform the bearing. The bronze gear is secured in place with the circlip and indexed with a woodruff key. The lip seals are light press fit into the top and bottom lids. 

I also re-labeled one of the photos in which I had mis-identified one of the bearings as a "seal" and will try to delete the erroneous photo and post the corrected one. 

Note the comments on some of the photos that have additional information. 

All the best, 
Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel Sm 2000 #335
Puerto Del Rey Marina  Puerto Rico

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