Santorin earth connection

Craig Briggs

Hi Enio,
Since you directed your original question to Olivier, I did not respond. My boat is different than the original Santorin in that a former owner installed a 6kw generator and converted to 110v AC with a 110v charger, so I do not know what the original Amel wiring was. Perhaps Olivier can respond or another owner with the original Santorin wiring.  Also, I have changed the Subject of your post.
Craig, SN#68 Sangaris

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.... Could you also give me directions on my request of 3 june (no.27337) relating to the new charger installation and earth connection? I'm sorry i could not meet u in Greece along with Attilio Siviero (Sisila) few years ago. Greetings. enio  

Enio's post no. 27337
Thanks Olivier, I' ll do what you tell me. Question : AC earth are (on the Santorin)  the yellow-green wires that are connected on the engine? Those of the bonding system? Regards Enio 

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