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I did the same and ordered Globe Run-Dry Impellers because of postings in the Amel Owners Group.

I wrote Globe about this problem and sent the same photo I posted here. They told be to discuss it with the vendor I purchased it from. I wrote back and said I wasn't going to discuss it with the vendor and that I considered it a learning experience. They thanked me and that was that.

If I were you, I would keep the Globe impellers that you purchased as emergency backup, but not use them as replacements.

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We have onboard several Globe run dry impellers we purchased a few years ago based on posts here in the forum.

I don't think we've ever gotten to try them because the Ft Lauderdale Onan dealer would flatly not install anything other than Onan OEM impellers and the Ft Lauderdale Yanmar dealer sold us a number of the "new" (to us) Yanmar OEM impellers with the thread for the Yanmar puller.


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