Re: Mizzen Roller Reefing

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Hi all,

I was able to disassemble the mizzen gearbox after removing the mizzen and the mizzen foil.  It appears that the shaft connecting the winch handle to the gearbox has frozen up in its housing.  The housing screws into the main gearbox assembly, allowing the bevel gear at the end of the shaft to mesh with a larger bevel gear in the main gear box.

Greasing the main gear box can be done by adding grease from the top, between the piece that holds the foil and the main gear box, and from the bottom through the two small drainage holes.  The winch handle shaft may require disassembly to properly grease it.  Thus far I have been unable to get it apart.  I think I have to loosen the hex bolt that is at the end of where the winch handle inserts.  

I have added two more photos in the album SM Mizzen Gearbox to show how the winch handle shaft screws into the main gearbox.

SM2K#400 Brava
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