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I am 99% sure that the Onan OEM pump is made by Sherwood.

I think that you should do what you feel is right, but I know how smart you are and I know that you realize that one example without a problem statistically proves nothing.

I believe that if you did nothing except buy only OEM impellers (no Globe), and you changed the impeller every 200 hours or two years, that you would not have a problem. That was my 3000 hour around-the-world experience until I bought Globe Run-Dry Impellers. But, that ia only one example and proves nothing.


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The question is WHY does the ONAN eat impellers ? 
Is it something to do with the design of that pump housing?
I changed mine for a Sherwood single piece machined pump housing, made no difference. 
My Yanmar engine (and I am sure Volvo) doesn't go through impellers the way the ONAN does.
When I have changed the Yanmar impeller after hundreds of hours running it looks like new.
I have seen a number of installations of this MARCH pump and it seems to work fine. 
The pump housing is left on the engine with no impeller.....there is no issue with that, the shaft is now driving nothing.
The saltwater supply comes from the manifold pipe just cut shorter and the outlet of the pump connected to the flow sensor and to the heat exchanger.
The 230VAC comes from the generator output with a circuit breaker installed.
One Amel 54 which I am quite familiar with has an 11kVA ONAN with a MARCH pump for its cooling circuit. This boat has been halfway around the world in 5 years with no issues at all....certainly no ONAN impeller issues.
That's mt twopennyworth
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