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Apparently you did not see Olivier's reply and question to you in this thread. He answered your questions and asked you a question. There is no person in this Group that knows more about this subject than Olivier. I copied and pasted his posting below:

Hello Paul and everyone who wants to know more about the AMEL 54,

The bow-thruster of the AMEL 54 is an AMEL design built on a SLEIPNER SIDE POWER basis. AMEL makes it retractable. It has two props with 4 and then 5 (later models) blades each, more protected than on a Santorin/SM...

Paul, depending on your hull number, there is a drain plug at the bottom of the bow-thruster gear -box. The oil drains very slowly and you can fill it from the top oil container (very slow too, warm up the oil in the sun before you put it in the container).

The last AMEL 54 have a bow-thruster with a non-drainable gear-box. The unit is said to be "lubricated for life" by Sleipner. However, if you remove the lip-seals at the prop-shafts, the oil will drain, and you will need to put new oil from the top of the drive shaft tube (just like on a Santorin or SM).

Paul, can you tell your hull number?



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Thanks for the advice Craig. I wonder if anyone on this forum has actually changed the oil before by filling from the top?

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