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The Amel Bow Thruster shaft tube removal tool is placed around the black shaft tube  just under the motor (engine). It is clamped securely to the shaft tube. Then you turn the bolts which will press against the motor (engine). This will cause the motor (engine) and the shaft tube to separate.

Be prepared for the separation or the bow thruster will fall to the ground.

This rust which is holding the black shaft tube to the electric motor is caused by saltwater leaking past the seals and possibly by leaving the bow thruster down in rough water. Other causes are an overloaded boat with too much weight in the bow. Also forgetting to use the safety pin when the bow thruster is raised.

Be sure to clean the bottom of the motor where the shaft tube meets and visually inspect the bearing on the shaft of the motor. That bearing may need replacing. If it does, be sure to hire a highly qualified electric motor repairman. That motor is no longer available and you do not want to damage it or ruin it. When reassembling use plenty of waterproof grease at the junction of the shaft tube and the motor. I recommend service during every haulout...about every 2 years.

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Good morning, I did what told me Craig (chain wrench used with extension, taping with hammer), but the thruster black shaft does NOT want to move. I think I'll try the Amel tool. Could someone explain to me where you place the tool and how to use it? It should be put around the shaft and pushed down by turning the screws which press under  of the engine? Thanks to anyone who can help me. 

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