Re: Mizzen Roller Reefing

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

I took the frozen shaft to FKG in Sint Maarten, and they were able to remove the very tight Allen wrench bolt and free up the shaft rotation.  Apparently there was some corrosion that had built up in the connecting shaft.  Best advice, crank you mizzen back and forth every once in a while to prevent corrosion buildup!

I added some lithium grease to the bevel gears before reassembly, and used blue locktite on the aluminum threads joining the shaft to the main gear housing.  After fitting the whole assembly back into the mizzen, I put the foil back on the main gear housing, and then put mizzen sail back on the foil.  Everything now works smoothly as expected.

I posted a few more photos in the SM Mizzen Gearbox album to show the greasing of the bevel gear and the final assembly before reinstallation on the mizzen mast.

SM2K#400 Brava

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