Outhaul rope problem

Paul Osterberg


We have had some upwind sailing in the Med with apparent wind up to 35 knots.

Unfortunately our outhaul rope is creeping so the car holding the sail is sliding forward and the sail taking the shape of a bag, not very fun or efficient going up wind. This happens already at just over 20 knot wind

We started with a 10 mm Dyneema, then changed to a 12 mm Dyneema from Marlow, made it better but far from acceptable. Read in the manual that it should be Vectran rope, but Vectran rope comes in many shapes, Vectran in the core, Vectran in the cover, and of course different Vectran quality  etc, and the worst very few have Vectran ropes in Greece where we are now.

Does anyone know what kind of Vectran rope it should be?

And Does anyone know where Preferable in Europe one can order it on internet?

(Some of you Amel Fellows use to say “Gentlemen newer go upwind”, but then Gentlemen do not sail very often I the Med I guess but use the "iron genoa")

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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