Darn Batteries

Ag Av8ter

Hello group,

I own SM#266. About six months ago I talked with the Amel factory
and discussed my battery / charger problems. They assured me that I
needed to replace my current batteries. I did that in St. Maartin,
new wet cells. Same problem as before. We sailed to Guadaloupe and
talked to Amel there. We were directed to Pouchon. The man at
Pouchon said that our battery charger (Nemo 50) was defective. I
told him to fix it, he said no, it was too old (1999) there were no
parts. He sold me and installed a new Dolphin 100 amp. charger. New
batteries, new charger same old problem.


Charger works fine, charges batteries to 27.3 volts and then quits.
I just talked to Rolls Batteries, and they said I needed to be able
to charge to 28.4 to prevent "deficet charging" and to 31 volts to de-
sulfate the batteries.

The batteries show 100% charge (Mastervolt) and 27.3 volts and will
stay like that with the charger going for as long as I leave it. As
soon as the charger is off line the voltage drops to 25.6 and starts
dropping until I charge the batteries again. Currently I must run
the generator two to three times a day to keep up with the demand.

When using the main engine and 80 amp 24 volt alternator, the same
things happens, the charge stops at 27.3 volts and about 3 - 5 aamps.

Question: Is there an Amel voltage regulator that gets both the
charger and alternator current? Where is it? Can it be adjusted? I
have talked with Denis at Dolphin and it does not seem that my
charger has mulitple programs, so I can not use it to "equalize" my

Any comments?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Tony Gray
SM 266

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