Reya Bilge Pump not pumping

Mohammad Shirloo

Our Reya Bilge pump (TIPO - MARINA) has stopped pumping. A new kit was installed about a year ago and it has worked fine other than losing prime a few times. I would have to remove the hose and intake from the bilge, fill the hose with water while the pump was running and as soon as it would prime I would put it back in and it would work fine. In the past month, I have had to do this several times.

I remember reading on the forum that the problem can be with the pipe getting old and not sealing properly and letting air back in. So I disconnected the hose and filled it with water with the back flow intake attached. Water slowly drains from the back flow intake and nothing comes out from around the hose.

My questions are:

1. Is the backflow device 100% responsible for not letting the water drain out of the pump or does the pump need to be attached to the hose for the back flow device to work?

2. Since I could not get the pump to work even when the hose was held at pump height and filled with water, do you agree with my conclusion that the a new re-build kit needs to be installed?

3. I know I had seen the instructions for installing the re-build kit on this forum but can't seem to find it. Can some one point me in the right direction or e-mail me the procedure/manual at mshirloo at transpacific dot us.

Thank you

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