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Hi Pat.  No, it is a disc the same thickness as the Vetus coupling, with holes drilled for the bolts.  The disc is installed just as the Vetus would be, and alignment performed with the disc in place.  Then the engine is moved back, the disc removed, and the Vetus reinstalled, moving the engine back to where it was when aligned properly with the disc.

Does that sound right?  Am I missing anything?


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Kent, I replaced my mounts last fall and all seems good , however I remember this solid coupling suggested as a means of assuring alignment . Could you describe it ? It would seem to me, that all you would need would be pipe milled to be the exact ID as the shaft's OD . The shafts would not be able to side into the pipe unless absolutely aligned . Is that basically what it is ?

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Hi Mike.
Did you know that Amel recommends (or did) using a solid coupling of the same dimensions as the Vetus flexible coupling? The engine is aligned using the solid coupling, 1/1000" tolerance. Then the solid coupling is removed and replaced with the Vetus coupling.

I had a solid coupling made at a machine shop in Puerto Rico out of aluminum.

On Kristy there is very little if any difference in vibration whether in neutral or in gear.

Hope that sheds a little more light.
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