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That is a difficult question to answer other than it might hold water for a period of time when the Joker Valve is new, but without the suction, I believe it will leak dry.

That said, when the marina pump is at 100% condition with a new diaphragm and new flapper valves, it doesn't need the hose to be filled and will lift from the bottom of the gray water tank.

Remove the Joker Valve and take it to most any marine supply store. These Joker Valves are used in several marine applications including toilets. If the store you go to doesn't have any, they can probably either order it, or tell you where to go. I would but two. You may be forced to buy the complete strainer with a Joker Valve included...but I think you can find just the valve.

When installing the repair kit for this pump, take care that the diaphragm will be marked "water side." If you reverse it, you will have problems. I always lubricate the edges of the diaphragm with Silicone grease. You buy silicone grease fir O rings at a dive shop. I use silicone grease on all O rings and all hose connections.

Also, a Warning: I broke teeth off of the white gear when I tested the pump while partially disassembled. Some people would accuse me of shoddy work if I were a yard service worker and demand that I pay for it. Mistakes happen. So , if you do as I did and test this pump, make sure that the diaphragm pump arm does not cime Lise and bind on the frame of the will break teeth off that white gear and you too could be accused of shoddy work and maybe a refusal to pay for the work. ;)

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Hi Bill;

Thanks for the reply.

I also suspect the back flow intake. However wanted to be sure. Do you know if the backflow device should be able to hold the water in the hose with the pipe disconnected from the pump without any water leakage?

Also, where did you buy the back flow device from?


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