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You already have obtained the tool?

Are you using the tool?

I have used a hammer, but this can be dangerous. Care is needed. If you break the cast iron housing, you will not be able to replace it.

See if you can find an electric rotary hammer impact device which could be set to vibrate the housing of the electric motor (engine), while the tool pulls downward on the black shaft tube.
Something like this:

Continue to spray penetrating fluid in and around the joint that is stuck. I would use rotary hammer vibration for an hour. If that doesn't work let the penetrating fluid soak for a day then one more hour. If you haven't used one of these devices  before I suggest that you get expert help. Do not let anyone use a torch.

You understand that all of your problem was caused by lack of service.

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Thank you once again. Beat with a hammer on the shaft tube, while the tool is pulling,can help the detachment of the rust, or risk of damage the same tube? I'm working but does not seems to go down..........

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