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The original Kevlar 10mm line is covered line.

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Another thing with this type of system that has not been mentioned…  do not use a “covered” line.  

When driven by a toothed wheel like our outhaul, the cover can be held tightly and the inside core can slip.  A single braid uncovered line is the best choice.

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I would caution you in adding contact cement to your outhaul line. 

I saw what Kent said. He said somebody (we do not know who) said this worked fir them.

I am highly suspicious of the suggestion, and even more suspicious when I di not know who tried this.

I am almost certain it will not work for you.

Here is what I think has happened: 
Over the years rope makers have taken filament and fiber out of the rope. I can take any high quality 10mm rope and pinch it with my fingers to 8 or 9mm. A low quality rope I can pinch to 7mm. That Anderson winch on the boom was designed for rope made yesterday. I suggest you find the very highest quality non-stretch 12mm line and install it as tight as you can. You may have to tighten it up in a few weeks. Unless you buy the original 10mm line that Amel used, 10mm will not work because 10mm is really not 10mm anymore. In January of this year Amel at Hyeres supplied me with an original 10mm Kevlar line...maybe they still have some. 

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Thank you all, will start with the contact cement looks as a cost efficient solution. 
I have tension the line a few times now, so when no tension from sail I can almost play a tune on it, but when closed hauled it creep and lose tension 
Paul on SYKerpa SM 259 

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