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Assuming you have the SquareD pressure switch. There are two adjustment points that you adjust a bolt that is through a spring. Adjusting takes trial and error. You must adjust one before the other. I think that you will find instructions and even videos if you Google SquareD pressure switch adjustment.

One of the issues with this switch is that the orifice can get clogged and cause the switch to do what it is doing to you. If you got to PHOTOS in the Amel Owners Group website and type "pressure" in the search box, you will see an album named "Fresh Water System" which will show you a clogged orifice and other info.

I would remove the switch and clean the orifice before I did anything....take a photo of the wiring so you can rewire it correctly.

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Something wrong with our I think original pressure switch. It does work occasionally when not working. A light tap will make the pump start. Anyone have any idea how to fix? It looks as if the switch is OK but the pump will not start without the light tap
Paul on SYKerpa SM 259

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