Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Reya Bilge Pump not pumping

Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Bill;

Your advise was right on the money. While I was trying to re-prime the pump by pouring water in the intake while holding it above the pump, I noticed some water leaking from the side of the pipe at the pump connection that I had not noticed before. In closer inspection, I found a hair line crack in the pipe. 

I cut the pipe a couple of inches to get past the hairline crack, greased the barbed connection at the pump and the inside of the pipe, used some duct tape on the outside of the pipe for protection and double clamped the connection. While I was at it, I did the same at the pipe to intake connection. 

Surprisingly the pump started pumping without even priming it. It also sounded a lot quieter than I remember. I think the hairline air intake made the pump work harder to empty out the bilge.

You definitely helped to avoid a lot of extra unnecessary work that would not have solved the issue.

Thank you

Mohammad and Aty
Amel 54 #099
B&B Kokomo 

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