Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] GENSET ONAN CUMMINS cannot restart after fuel filter and oil change

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One more thing...just a hint when changing that filter.

Before you have the new fuel filter completely tightened, open the fuel valve until the filter is full and overfilling, catching the overfill with either a cup or cloth, then tighten the filter. If you do it this way, you will get almost zero air in the system.

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Olivier ia absolutely correct.  If you cannot hear the electric fuel pump when you are priming (pressing the switch down), or when starting, the pump needs to be replaced.

I carried a spare pump with me around the world and the original pump failed when I was in Athens about 2 miles from an Onan dealer...oh well!

Do you have a spare pump?

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Hello Dominique,

if you cannot hear the priming pump, or cannot feel it vibrating when you put your fingers on it while priming or starting, this means the pump is out of order.
The generator's engine will not start if this pump is out of order. You need a new priming pump...

Bon courage.


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I have tried the following to no avail: 
- prime up to 5 min
- unmount the new filter - no air;  full of diesel fuel
- open the pipes going to the injectors, then crank; no fuel appears [?!] but the injectors seem full of fuel

Oil and coolant are at appropriate level. 
Fuel Pump. I checked and the pump is receiving 12V during priming. 
However I am not hearing it but the fuel filter was fuller than when we mounted it, so I infer it is working.
The fuel tank level is above 250 liters, So it should not be the security that disconnect the genset and give priority to the main engine. 
This genset is from 2012, has 720 hours and has been maintained. 
The reference is 7MDKBL-5871F 
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Any idea or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance 
Dominique Guenot 
S/V Viva Currently in Hiva Oa, Marquesas, French Polynesia

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