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I doubt that's it Alan.  I haven't motored more than 30 minutes total since I got the batteries.

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It could be that since you probably have the standard automotive regulator in your engine alternator it is slowly killing your batteries.

The standard auto regulator is designed to charge start batteries is not good for deep cycle batteries.
Motoring for long periods will keep the voltage at 28V or more and this will kill deep cycle batteries eventually.
Deep cycle batteries require a 3-stage charge profile, Bulk, Absorption and Float. A proper charger will output max current until the absorption voltage is reached (in our case 29.2V) and then hold that voltage until the current is down to a set minimum (or a fixed time) and then switch to float (in our case 27.2).
All the chargers on our boat - 175A alternator, 600W solar panels with MPPT, 100A Victron, 30A ProMariner are 3-stage regulated and set to the same settings.
Elyse SM437

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