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Ben and Gayle Super Maramu #347

Hi Bill, 
I would love to meet up before you leave.  We are in Prickly Bay on a mooring.  We were anchored a few days ago close to Phare Bleu on Clarke's Bay side of reef.  Well be in St George tomorrow but could meet up anytime after at your local restaurant at Phare Bleu or Prickly Bay or another spot.  

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I am very happy about the happy ending...says something great about all folks involved including the Dominica boat boys!

I will add that this year, we spent 2 months in le Marin, Martinique and enjoyed our time there. It had been 10 years since I previously dealt with fact, Amel was in Guadalupe at the time. Unbelievably, she remembered Judy and well as BeBe. I ordered some regular maintenance parts from Caroline, found a discontinued part in their storeroom, and had Jean out to BeBe for no charge consultations. I followed all of his recommendations and gave them a few jobs to do on BeBe.

The Amel Caribbean Group of people are some of the best that I have ever met. Of course, you will always hear grumbling from someone. And, that someone usually does not understand boats, maintenance, or Amel. 

I understand that you are here in Grenada. We will be here for a short time, leaving next Friday for Crews Inn, Trinidad. I would love to meet up before H season, but if that does not work, sometimes after.


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That is absolutely fantastic. 

Great people, great company!

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