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So sorry to hear about your injury Ben!  I know we all join in wishing you a speedy recovery.

Caroline is always wonderful to work with... knowledgeable, courteous, efficient, as well as warm and kind.  It doesn't surprise me that she took a special interest in your well-being.  And the Amel family??? We all I this group forum feel that we know and care for each other even though many of us have not met personally.  It's not just about keeping our boats ship shape, I know anyone here would do anything they could if I needed help. Bless you all!

I'm always concerned about that happening.  I replaced the hatch struts this year and have to say that, while it might not prevent such an injury, the hatch is infinitely easier to open and close with the new struts.

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I know the purpose of this forum is technical but I feel compelled to complement Jean Colin and the Amel team at Marin, especially Caroline.   And our new friends from Cannes, France - Edouard and Marie-Helene Parent - current Amel 54 owners and former Super Maramu owners.

On May 29 in Roseau, Dominica harbor, I dropped the engine room hatch the last two feet onto my big toe nearly severing it completely.    As you might imagine it was an emergency  situation.  I radioed the local boat boy who immediately responded and took me to shore and a waiting taxi heading to hospital  emergency room where they were able to stitch up but not fix my toe (it was an open and compound fracture requiring expertise they did not have.  An American doctor offshore on his boat offered advice:  keep your toe attached no matter how tenuously and head to Martinique for European medical care. But where to go?

Several months before we had met Amel owners Edouard and Marie-Helene. They live in Cannes but keep their boat at Marin marina on Martinique.  We went to them for help.  Where should we go?  Edouard immediately went into full action - scrambling the jets.  He contacted Amel in Martinique, the Marina, and then provided information on St Paul Clinic and one of the best orthopedic doctors in Martinique  -  Dr. Luc Savorit.  

Caroline then contacted us via email in Dominica and made all arrangements - dock space at marina, help to tie up, rental car, and an emergency appointment at clinic.  Caroline continued to check on me to make sure all was well.  I think one might have to look long and hard  to find a company and an employee with better customer service.  

For me the outcome was good; I still have my toe (by the way you need the big toe to walk).  This is in large part because of another Amel owner and the Amel team.  I think I (we) belong to a pretty good club. 

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