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I should also name the Dominican boat boy who came to the rescue - Marcus.  He was great.  He is written up in Chris Doyle's cruising guide as a resource in Roseau. 

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I am very happy about the happy ending...says something great about all folks involved including the Dominica boat boys!

I will add that this year, we spent 2 months in le Marin, Martinique and enjoyed our time there. It had been 10 years since I previously dealt with fact, Amel was in Guadalupe at the time. Unbelievably, she remembered Judy and well as BeBe. I ordered some regular maintenance parts from Caroline, found a discontinued part in their storeroom, and had Jean out to BeBe for no charge consultations. I followed all of his recommendations and gave them a few jobs to do on BeBe.

The Amel Caribbean Group of people are some of the best that I have ever met. Of course, you will always hear grumbling from someone. And, that someone usually does not understand boats, maintenance, or Amel. 

I understand that you are here in Grenada. We will be here for a short time, leaving next Friday for Crews Inn, Trinidad. I would love to meet up before H season, but if that does not work, sometimes after.


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That is absolutely fantastic. 

Great people, great company!

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