Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Wind generator on top of the mizzen mast

Paul Osterberg

Bill and Annsofie,

around 12 Ah a day as an average is not very impressive at all, our 450 from Emek gives on average 80 Ah per day and good days over 100 Ah, the 200 w on the rail gives "only" just over 15Ah per day.I think they more often get in shadow, and it's regulator "slow" them down when batteries reaching 95% or above but the regulator for the 450 W arc continues to give full blast more or less. so compared with that, a wind generator does not give much, I'm surprised about the low figures you mention. At 12 knots a superwind should give ca 24 Ah 24 h, and during 2 h at 20 knots wind should give 15 Ah. But more interesting than the average is what does it give days when solar does not give much such as rainy murky days? And as you Bill I do not like to run the diesel generator when sailing or anchored closed to others.
I have two spare 100 watt flexible light weight solar cells I was planing to put on the canvas bimini, but the canvas man said it's not a good idea, you will get chafe, and water/moister between the canvas and the Solar cell, the chafe I believe could be sorted out with chafe protection, but the moister issue might be more difficult to solve. Does anyone have any experience with light weight solar panels on top of the bimini or spray hood?

An other interesting thing with solar panels, they give surprisingly much even cloudy days. the lowest we got from the 450 w panels have been 28 Ah during the two month we have had the Victron MPPT controller, that was a cloudy and rainy day
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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