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Hi Ben,
If you look back several months (maybe a year) I think it was  Alexandre posted a source for these in the US.  Stainless steel and very reasonably priced.

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Did you buy these struts from Amel?

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My experience is they will last about 6-8 experience with the original two. I think you should replace them in pairs...I did not, but that is another story. Do not over-spec the thrust...they are rated at N400. There is no maintenance on these except to keep them clean.

It is easy to bend one of these if you close the lid improperly. The proper way to close is to press down on the middle of the engine room lid.


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I am glad that you were able to find swift and competent care for what must be an excruciating injury.  Thank you for sharing this cautionary tale.  I will certainly take even more care when operating the engine room hatch.  

One of my gas struts had been stepped on by an over-eager Yanmar technician and I had to replace it.  I found that after replacement of the strut that the hatch gave a much more controlled closure than before it got bent.  I think that these struts may need to be replaced on some regular schedule.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how long they should last?

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