Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Wind generator on top of the mizzen mast

Alan Leslie

Whatever it is 12Ah per day is not even worth considering.
We have 600W of solar panels and I checked the meter just now, we got 2.21KwH today, which at 24V = 92Ah
We have one freezer and one frig running 24/7 and two uses of the coffee machine via our 1500W various cameras, phones and laptops, tablets charging off and on..and last night we used around 70Ah overnight so the solar just about made it up today...we ran the generator for an hour this evening to bring it all up to 100% and run the water maker
We have a D400 wind generator that produces nothing at was rebuilt 2 years ago...but still makes nothing..I think the regulator is not working...
Elyse SM437 - Fiji

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