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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Thanks Bill,

Very helpful.

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Colin Streeter, 
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I uploaded a general diagram of the electronic connections on BeBe SM387.

You should be able to link to it here:

BeBe 387
Currently Grenada

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I am interested in your plan to keep the original Furuno radar – we are thinking of upgrading also to a new Raymarine Radar but had thought more in terms of replacing the Furuno and how to adapt the existing fixtures. Just interested in your reasoning for keeping the original radar as well.





Ronspische sm472



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Thanks all for a most interesting discussion on nav systems upgrades. Always interesting to compare what others are doing.


Bill thank you I would be most interested to see your navigation electronics schematic and will have a look at it on the Yahoo site when we have better internet again.


Forgot to mention we also have one of the new Raymarine Quantum Radar's on back order, and hence adding the ES97 for better connectivity to that. Like the 4G Navico ones we hope it will be more accurate at picking out close and small targets like kayaks, channel markers or unlit small fishing boats (Indonesia) in fog and or at night. Will be in addition to the existing Furuno Amel installed radar on a 2nd radar platform 600mm below the existing one.


Colin Streeter

Island Pearl II Amel53 #332



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Thank you crew for all your input, it is appreciated. We have gone ahead with the purchase of a Raymarine ES97MFD so we will see what transpires over the next few weeks, if interested I will let you know how the installation goes.


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Barry & Robyn

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Colin Streeter

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Colin Streeter
0411 016 445

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