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Hi Bill , we also have different noises on our bow thruster . Amel Guadeloupe had done some work on it and then they were concerned about the different noises in case they had reassembled something incorrectly
. They took the leg off and stripped it down on the bench but found everything to be O K . That was 7 years ago . It still sings a different song on port and starboard but has worked perfectly ever since .

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Hey everyone -

This is not the standard bow thruster question on the forum... 

My bow thruster is working just fine however, I noticed today that while using port bursts it sounds a bit louder than it usually does. Starboard bursts sound as they always do. Performance is the same. There seems to be a bit more vibration during the port burst but not the starboard bursts. I have not had a chance to look at it yet, will do tomorrow just wondering if anyone had the same experience/solution. Maybe the propeller needs replacing? 

P.S. I saw Ipanema sail past me in Boston Harbor today and she looked fantastic!!! 


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