Bow Thruster and issue with broken blade with a non-branded propeller

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Bill Maffei,

There could be several reasons for the propeller rubbing against the tube when bursting to Port, but remember the tolerance is very close, and bursts will cause a lateral force one way or the other...any lateral play, will temporarily relocate the propeller slightly and momentarily. 

My guess in order of probability for the lateral play of the propeller:
  1. The pin through the hub could have worn a bigger hole in the hub
  2. The screws could have worked loose, or stretched
  3. The thruster propeller shaft bearings need replacing
And, of course, non-branded propeller may have been a little off in dimension or, flex's when lateral thrust is applied.

Good luck on your propeller replacement...service it every two years.

BeBe 387

On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 1:25 PM, William Maffei <williammaffei@...> wrote:
So Bill, I believe I know what I need to do when I haul out in 2 weeks. Wondering a) if you know of a reason why the prop is rubbing against the thruster shaft while giving port bursts? b) before I contact Maud do you know the cost of a new “Amel” thruster propeller? You did and awesome job on your last service of my thruster! She is dry as a bone and works flawlessly… obviously up until this point but I don’t consider that a bad thing considering the time between services. Also, considering 2 prop blades brought me and my family in safely, without incident while getting tossed around in 20+ knots of breeze. :) Cheers and as always thanks for your help. 

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