Alternator pulley


Hi, I am about to buy a non-genuine 12v alternator for Volvo D3-110i-C (Amel 54). The supplier has advised me this:

The alternator is 50Amp and is identical in every other way, you will however have to exchange your pulley from your old alternator to the new alternator in order for it to have the correct rotation speed as the volvo alternators also drive the tachometer reading and the pUlley speed is critical for an accurate reading. So the pulley must match your engine. The genuine volvo alternator would also need your pulley exchanging as they also do not come with the correct pulley fitted.

Does anyone have any experience of this? I am very surprised that a replacement alternator, even a genuine Volvo one, comes with the wrong pulley wheel attached!

Amel 54 "Ya Fohi"

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