Darn Batteries - Thank you

Ag Av8ter

Thank you to all who have answered. I called and spoke to the Link
10 / Mastervolt people, they confirm that the the Mastervolt is not a

Gary, I now have four of the eight batteries that must be replaced. I
sopke with Simon at Rolls Battery, and he advised me that my batteries
are "sulfated" because I am not charging them to a high enough voltage
(28.8v). He further stated that it is sensless to replace the
batteries until the Dolphin Charger can put out the 28.8V as the new
batteries will just sulfate again. He felt stong enough about this
that he said he would not advise spending the money on Rolls batteries
as they absolutly need the 28.8V. I have done most of the checking and
testing you recommended, and I still have the same result, only 27.3
volts from the charger.

Gary, do you use Skype??? Can I Skype you?

Thanks again, Tony

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