Plexiglass and Sharki


Hi all.
We read the Amel forum every day.
My wife and I replaced every piece of plexiglass on our boat. We used old parts as patterns. Cut out new parts with special plexiglass jig saw blades, drilled mounting screw holes with special for plastic drill bits from Mc Master Carr. Used a small router table to chamfer edges. Fine sanding of all edges. Painting glue joints ( called frits ) with black Krylon for plastic. Glue with Dow 795. Be sure to control bond thickness. I used small pieces of neoprene rod. Amel used ss washers between glass and boat. Under screws. I wanted something more compliant.
We are now in RI on the Narraganset Bay Cruising.
Mark and Joanna Hanna
Amel Sharki # 49

Deemed: One Household Item Everyone Should Have In Any Emergency

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