Anchor Wash Pump


Hi all,
I have a leak on the pressure side (output) of my anchor wash pump. It is the original AMFA S40 pump and still works great. The leak seems to be coming from the connection between the screw-in hose barb and the housing. There don't appear to be any cracks in the housing or the hose barb. I tried using Teflon plumbers tape with no improvement. There is a small ridge in the pump housing that looks like it could be for an o-ring, but no o-ring was present when I removed the barb. A rubber washer could also go between the pump housing and the flange on the barb. I don't have any information or schematics to determine if an o-ring or other seal should be present.

Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know if there should be an O-ring or other seal between the barb and the housing?

Thanks in advance,
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