Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: bow thruster service. Problem

Jim Anderson

Perfect timing on this topic for me. Thanks in advance for any help with the following questions. Please forgive me for demonstrating ineptitude as I chime in with a few questions:


1. When doing the in-the-water service today on SM384, as per Gary Silver’s instructions & Bill Rouse’s additional notes, after removing the four hex-head screws that secure the Thruster Shaft Housing to the Motor, the shaft would not drop all the way down and out the bottom of the boat. It stopped a good 2” above the “stopper” hose clamp. After installing the Amel Special Tool initially I could lift the shaft up and down but after trying to ram it downwards it stuck and wouldn’t budge up or down. I had to hire a diver. After much pulling and wiggling the diver finally got the shaft to come out. Upon inspection of the foot, shaft and the diver’s inspection of the Thruster Trunk nothing looked unusual. Any ideas what might have caused this?

I am hoping I won’t encounter the same problem with the shaft getting stuck when trying to put it back in tomorrow.


2. The diameter of the two neoprene seals on the Thruster Foot is larger than the width of the foot on one side and would over-hang on one side, except the excess was trimmed off with a razor knife. (Photo posted at:

The Amel-supplied replacements are identical and will need have the over-hang trimmed off too if they are not to over-hang.  Is this normal? (Last service, seals in photo done by Amel Martinique.)


3. Where is the Prop Shaft Lip Seal? Is it in the hub of the propeller, flush with the 6 nylon screws that hold the prop on, or is it behind the prop in the foot? I removed the 6 nylon screws from the prop but it will not come off.  The seal in the hub of the prop, flush with the nylon screws, is smaller than the Amel-supplied prop shaft seal so I presume the lip seal is in the trunk behind the prop. If so, any suggestions on how to get the prop off with the 6 nylon screws removed?

Again, thanks for any help and please forgive me for demonstrating my ignorance.


SM384 Sirena Azul


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