Re: 24V Watermaker


Hi Bob,

Noa (SM2K #436) has the same setup as Elise, dessalator duo 60. The hp pump is driven via belt, either by 220V AC motor or by 24V DC motor, a compact and reliable setup. We use 24V DC when under motor, AC when running the genset. Dessalator specofies the 24V motor with 550W/18A, a bit more when starting. A dessalator 160 has a more powerful or faster running hp pump and the pump is driven directly by the AC motor, so, beside connecting problems, you´ll need a bigger 24V DC motor. The AC motor of the 160 dessalator is 2,2KW, so a DC motor will draw around 90+A, a bit more when starting. Quite substantial amount and difficult to get out of solar or wind power. To my knowledge dessalator doesn´t sell converting kits for the 160, maybe due to the data mentioned above.

Walter (Noa, SM2K #436)

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