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Barry & Robyn,

Those Amel owners that have these Dessalator DUO systems normally run the 24VDC system when motoring.

I agree that I would not change from the 160 liter to the DUO because when at anchor, and even with alternate charging systems like solar panels, you will find at least 3 hours a week to run the generator. And, 3 hours of the 160 liter produces all of the water that 2 people will use in a week including showers, washing dishes and clothes washing 2-3 loads. We average about 55 liters a day including everything. If you run the generator for 3 hours you can certainly top-off your batteries once a week to 100%. 

We traditionally have done this on Thursdays: Run the Generator, Wash 2-3 loads of clothes, charge the batteries, make water. We have to be careful not to use any other electrical device such as the Microwave or Hair Dryer when doing this. Also. we will ONLY wash clothes with heated water and run the water heater in the last hour because we try not to exceed the capacity of the generator. By the last hour the 100 amp 24VDC battery charger is only pulling a few amps. 
  • Dessalator 160 pulls 15 amps
  • Water heater about 3 amps
  • Clothes washer without hot water setting about 2 amps, but 10 amps with hot water. 
  • The 100 amp charger will pull about 9 amps with the batteries at 75-80%. 
  • The top capacity of the generator is 30 amps. I use 27 amps as my top.
It helps to have an amp meter installed to monitor this.

To me, a prejudiced and very happy 160 liter owner, the best and only solution is the 160 Liter Dessalator water maker. If I did not own a capable generator, I might sing a different tune.

BeBe 387
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This does not make sense!

Why would you deplete your stored energy in your batteries to run a 24 volt motor on your water maker. If you managed your water storage enough, you would be utilizing your genset output each day to top up your water using your 110/240VAC motor while replenishing your battery capacity at the same time.

I have a 24VDC motor on my Dessalator and I would gladly swap it for a 240VAC motor. Ridiculous as it may sound, the amperage used to run a 24VDC motor has to be replenished by running the Genset to keep the batteries topped up. Needless to say, I run my Genset while making water and charging my batteries at the same time.

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