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Hi Jim,
If everything with the shaft and motor looked OK, it almost had to be coming out at an angle rather than straight down???  Had the shaft and splines cleared the motor when it jammed?
I'd sure like to know what happened.
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Thank you, Alexandre & Bill. Two of my three questions are now answered: It is normal to have to trim the 2 seals on the trunk, and my prop wont come off because the 6 nylon screws secure it to a hub and one must pull the pin out of the hub to remove it and expose the prop shaft lip seal. A picture is worth a thousand words, thanks, Alexandre!

I still am baffled by my first question. Upon easily separating the thruster shaft from the clean and well-greased motor, if let go the whole foot would either fall out the bottom of the boat or down to the temporary retaining hose clamp (which I installed about 2" from the very top of the shaft). Mine didn't. It stopped before reaching the hose clamp, with 4" of shaft still sticking up. much force, simultaneous from me above and the diver below, was required to get the shaft to go the remaining 4" to come out the bottom of the boat. I am worried that during re-assembly the shaft will again become stuck, leaving the tape between the special tool and the shaft underwater for an extended time.

Thanks very much for your help,

SM384 Sirena Azul

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