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I am trying to imagine what could have caused that. I have an idea, actually two. Both involve the anti-torque boot that is above the propeller.

1.) If the bow thruster tube was not totally vertical, I would imagine that the anti-torque boot that is above the propeller could possibly jam in the bow thruster cavity because it is a close fit.

2.) There may have been barnacles or other shell sea life in that cavity near the internal waterline. Since there is a close fit of the anti-torque boot, I am guessing that could also cause a jam.

I can't wait to hear what it was.

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Kent & the Group, Yes, the shaft was clear of the motor by at least 10". It jammed with about 4" of shaft remaining above the seal. I will report more when I re-install tomorrow, which I will do with my diver present, just in case.
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