Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Marinas in Spain

Horst Pause <horst.puddleduck@...>

My experience with Almerimar is a very good one; it's inexpensive and YES Yachting looked after my boat a couple of winters ago, for 40 Euro per month.

coatsken <> wrote: We are making our first crossing May 1 in our 1985 Maramu. We hope to
end up in Spain sometime in Aug. after a while in the Azores. We
would appreciate any info on marinas for next winter. Not too
expensive where we can leave the boat safely while we travel inland.
Can anyone help us out?
Also if anyone with Med. experience would like to give us any helpful
information we would like to set up direct email so we can ask a lot
of questions.
We just retired, so will spend as long as we like the sailing and
traveling there. All the way to Turkey.
Ken & Judy
Golden Daze
Maramu 198

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