Chain Counter alternative

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The chain counter on our SM (designed & installed by Pochon) was
repaired once in France by Pochon for a very high sum, and has since
failed again. I have been looking for an alternative, since we find
it a useful device.

I noticed in the Accastillage Diffusion web site a nice-looking
unit made by MZ Electronic from Monza, Italy, selling for 149 Euros.
I contacted MZ, got the specs and installation instructions, and it
looks very straightforward. You can look at the unit and manual at

Does anyone have any experience with this unit?

I plan to buy one and install it later this spring and report back
on the outcome, as I believe the Pochon units are prone to failure,
and this appears to be a low-cost alternative.

Regards, Roy
SM "Excalibur"

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