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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

You could simply change out the 220V motor for a 24 volt one.

I say “simply” but of course there would be a fair amount of mechanical and electrical engineering involved, although the motor cost would be rather small.   

Bill Kinney
SM #160 Harmonie
Highlands, New Jersey

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HI  Barry,

Regarding your comment when you said  "This does not make sense!  Why would you deplete your stored energy in your batteries to run a 24 volt motor on your water maker."  The answer is that I would not.  Please re-read my post where I say " It would be great to be able to make water while motoring or with solar"  In neither situation would my batteries necessarily be depleted.  I have considerable excess solar capacity during the day.  There is an excess of amp hours available because my solar system commonly tops up my house bank (SM Redline) by about noon.  Following this, measured unused capacity from the solar panels is substantial--equaling or exceeding 10 amps at 27+V (my solar capacity is pretty high) .   Also, like most Amel owners I have a high capacity (stock) alternator on my engine.  Its capacity is underutilized when motoring for extended periods because, again, the batteries are topped off drawing only a few amps and only 10 amps or so are used for refridge, autopilot and LED lighting, etc.  No question, the 220 AC Dessalator is very good, and you are quite right, I would not trade it for the 24V only system that you are complaining about, but the capacity to make fresh water with both 24 and 220 is desirable for some of us and need not be at the expense of depleting batteries (and running the generator to charge them back up).
Bob, KAIMI SM429
At Anchor, Gocek Turkey--Haven't run my generator for 2 weeks  


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