House Batteries


We have been using Mastervolt AGM Batteries. 4 each of the 4D size. We always run the boat off the house bank and only charge when the bank is less than 70% full. This is so that the battery chemistry is always being used. Living at the dock with the shore charger always on does not exercise the bank. A good battery monitor is essential. We use a Tri-Metric brand monitor. When you get used to monitoring your house bank, it will become very obvious to you when the bank is losing its capacity and at the end of its life. Or if you have another problem, like a failed cell. After 6 years of good performance, the bank started failing quickly and lost capacity quickly. We are now one year into our second set of Mastervolt AGM batteries. We use a 50 Amp Mastervolt shore charger with battery thermometry. The engine has a 165 Amp Balmar Alternator with battery and alternator thermometers and a 3 stage Balmar smart regulator, properly programmed. I have no reason to believe that the new bank will perform any differently than the first bank. Please understand that these battery banks have a tremendous amount of energy stored in them. A good battery bank installation is not enough. As a prudent mariner you need to know how to properly operate the bank and understand its performance trends both long term and sometimes minute by minute. The safety of your vessel and the lives of your crew depend on it.
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