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Wow! I know Pappa II and this is what I had to say about it to this Group in July 2015:

"Lady Divina" hull #317 was the SM that was destroyed by hurricane Ivan in Grenada, then brought to Venezuela. It was cosmetically repaired with new veneer over cracked bulkheads, cosmetic fiberglass repair, and new, non-Amel masts. When it grounded and the fiberglass stub broke away with the keel, it was named "PAPA II."

I happened to be in Puerto La Cruz when the boat was there and before it became PAPA II. I saw the terrible patch job done on this Super Maramu. The story I was told by someone in Grenada was that this Super Maramu was destroyed during hurricane IVAN when the storm surge knocked her down on the concrete, stands punctured her hull and stub, then another large boat fell on top of her, breaking her back and bulkheads and masts.

Thanks for the rest of the story. I had no idea 317 was patched up again. Unbelievable!

I did a search of Conversations about 317 in this group and I found one that I am positive I did not see before, because. I would have certainly said something. A prospective Super Maramu buyer found PAPA II for sale in Seattle after the grounding and stub breaking loose. This prospective buyer said that he searched our postings and found the entire story starting with Ivan. He was asking us for some input. One of our Group Members replied saying that he knew the broker and the broker was reputable. I have not seen that Amel Group Member post anything in a year. I certainly hope his "broker recommendation" did not contribute to the eventual sale. I assume this sort of unethical behavior happens with the resale of any brand boat. Opportunistic, unknowing, and unethical people...they should become politicians!"

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Out of curiosity I looked it up on the USCG site  and there is a vessel documented with the name "Yashar".  The previous name is Papa II with the hull number 317, so unless there are two SM's named "Yashar", and one is not documented, it appears to be the one.

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