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Beaute Olivier

Well, this is a long story...
After Hurricane IVAN, we knew the boat had been sold and that someone would repair it. That someone did not purchase any part from AMEL...
After he sold the boat (probably without a proper survey), the new owner hit a rock at 8 knots, lost the ballast, could motor back to the next harbor (I believed it only when I saw the pictures of the vessel in the crane slings, without ballast, but with the C-drive still there, apparently slightly curved. The C-drive stayed in place because of the front "hub" that is located inside the aft side of the GRP keel. Still amazing.).
Then, AMEL (I was still working there...) sold a new ballast to this owner, shipped it to Canada, then the owner died.
Then I saw (a picture) the shipyard had cut off about 10 cm (!!!!) of the bottom of the GRP keel, in order to re-install the ballast.
They shouldn't have done that, as this has considerably (in my opinion) weakened the keel.
I don't know more than that. It seems the "boat" was finally repaired as it is listed with pictures. By the way, HOW CAN A BROKER SHOW SUCH BAD PICTURES OF A MESSY BOAT ???

For me, this "boat" is no more a Super Maramu. There are too many changes (starting with both masts and furlers).

Joel, yes, as long as the owner of a vessel orders and fully pays for a spare part, a european company cannot refuse to sell this part.
While I was at AMEL, I have experienced twice a ballast replacement (apart from SM 317). We also sometimes shipped a full set of masts, rigging, rudder blade, full guard rail (this can be lost after a severe grounding). Everytime we had this kind of order, we never refused to sell, although we did not check the damages ourselves, but according to the request of the owner, or his insurance and surveyors.
One Super Maramu, 6 months old, was caught in a coral reef, hardly damaged before pirates took everything they could (including engine, genset, winches, etc...) as the owner and family were taken off from rescue boats.
The SM was insured for 600000euros, and repaired in La Rochelle (after salvage and shipment) for about 350000 euros.
So, yes Stephen, any boat can be repaired BUT in the case of SM317, the only way to rebuild it correctly after Hurricane IVAN, would have been to put the hull back into the mould before re-installing new bulkheads and stringers. There were so many broken pieces of plywood in this boat (bulkheads, stringers, any kind of reinforcement) that the hull was definitely out of shape. It has been repaired "on-the-spot" and you can imagine how the hull was twisted.

Sometimes, the vessel is not "economically" repairable and is sold for "parts". Hull 317 is that kind, but someone decided to repair the boat.
This boat can probably be sold as a floating apartment...I would be glad to meet the surveyor who would write that this boat is worth buying and safe sailing.


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Any boat can be repaired to as good or better condition as when new.. It depends on skill, experience and money. Tear back to where no damage and build back like new. Many good boat yards are capable of proper work. A shame to have a well built boat like this not repaired properly. Usually  when a keel sail boat loses it’s keel it rolls over. How did it stay up with no keel? The engine water and fuel low helped. Anyway crazy and interesting boat story. Thanks
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I spoke several times to the guy who bought it and later crashed it and tore the keel off. He called me and asked me for my opinion about the boat before he handed over his dough. Even though the boat had been totaled by the insurance company, sold as salvage, and reassembled by some beavers with bad teeth, he purchased it WITHOUT A SURVEY.
“At high rpm there was severe vibrations” Holy mackerel, only severe?
If you are considering buying this boat, DO NOT CALL ME.
Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC
954 462 5869 office
954 812 2485 cell
I noticed that Amel Super Maramu hull # 317 Papa II is listed for sale on yachtworld dot com, lying in Seattle.

I didn't see any history of multiple severe damage incidents mentioned in the broker's listing, thus I felt it my duty to post this.

It is my understanding that some of the history of Amel Super Maramu 2000 hull # 317 is as follows:

The boat was previously known as Lady Divina. She boat was blown off of her stands while on the hard in Venezuela by hurricane Ivan in 2004. A hole was punched completely through the hull and the nav station area and bulkhead underwent extensive repairs.

The boat was then put up for sale and after a long time on the market she was purchased by a new owner at a substantial discount.

On July 6, 2007 while in British Columbia, Canada the new owner ran her into the rocks under full power at 8 knots causing the keel to be completely ripped off, separated from the hull and lost.

In post #'s 2998 and 2999 on this Yahoo group the owner wrote:

"Well the bow thruster prop repair is way down on the list today.
Yesterday PAPA struck a rock HARD at 8 knots in Canada and LOST HER
KEEL. She floated free after it got ripped off in about 10 minutes
of twisting and rolling with the surging currents. I was able to
motor slowly away to deeper water and dive over to see the keel was
GONE. At high RPM's there was severe vibrations so I took the FREE
(CANADA COAST GUARD IS AWESOME) tow to Port Hardy, BC where I will be
spending some time exploring the construction of the AMELS...

Once out of the water you can see all the stainless keel bolts were
cut clean off. The transmission housing is sagging down 4 inches
(but the prop turns fine and was able to motor slowly into the
haulout slip.) There is fresh water leaking out from the bottom of
what is left of the keel, so I will be drinking large quanities of
good Canadian Beer.

If anyone has any experience with reattaching a keel, water tank
repair or transmission issues, I am all ears."

And finally, two months later while awaiting repairs the owner was killed on October 18, 2007 in a tragic kite surfing accident in Seattle. ( www dot sailpapa dot com )

If anyone believes any of this information is in error please notify me and I will immediately post a correction.

Just thought you might want to know – I would if I were in the market.

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