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There are two kinds of additives to deal with water that finds its way into your fuel.  One kind emulsifies the water with the idea that it passes through into the engine in small quantities at a time and is safely burned off.  If the amount of water is small enough that works, but at some point you get corrosion to the injection pump, and erosion of the injector tips.  

The second type of water handling additive actually does the opposite.  By increasing the tendency of the water to separate, it helps your filters remove it.  If you have an efficient fuel polishing system, I would avoid the emulsifying additives.  They make it difficult or impossible for the filters to do their job.

Otherwise, additives tend to be used in small enough proportions, I have never heard of damage except to the engine owner's wallet. Diesel engines burn lots of things without complaint

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Thanks every one for the replies. We do have dual racors and the fuel polishing system and pre filtering before it goes in to the tank all sound like good ideas.

Is any one aware of any negative effects of the additives? Also how do you find out the sulfur content of the fuel you are purchasing?

On a slightly different point, I purchased 12 extra rancor filters and later found out that my supplier sent me 2 micron instead of the 30 micron recommended by AMEL. In reviewing the specs of the 2 micron filter it sounds like it can handle the flow. Has any one used the finer filters ?

Mohammad and Aty

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