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Craig Briggs

To add just a bit to Bill's reply, and not to be too picky, "valve lash" is not the adjustment, it is the actual gap between the rocker arm and the tip of the valve stem.  Adjusting that distance if it is out of spec is a simple process and you'll adjust both the intake and exhaust valves. The effects of being out of spec are varied, and do not necessarily cause exhaust smoke, That is, don't think that the only sign of valve clearance being out of spec is smoking exhaust. That being said, this is not something to obsess about - I check mine every one or two thousand hours and they are always in spec. I'm sure the "book" recommends more often but that's to keeps the mechanics in business.
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The following is my opinion(s) and some facts:

Fact: Valve lash is the adjustment made to the intake and exhaust valves on your diesel engines to ensure that the valves open and close correctly.
Opinion: The valve lash should be adjusted on your enginenand generator about every 1000 - 1200 hours of operation. Incorrect valve adjustment (lash) will cause unburnt fuel to enter the exhaust, causing some smoking and leave a diesel stain on your hull.

Fact: Regarding your Racor filters, the filter material will deteriorate with time.
Opinion: I change Racor filters at 400 combined hours, or 1 year, which ever comes first. I think you should change those 5 year filter elements.

Opinion: When buying fuel, I like to pick a very active fuel dock. I always run the first 20-40 liters through a fuel filter/water separator funnel. If it is clean with no water, then I put the fuel directly into the tank. I have had only one occasion when I told the fuel dock to forget about it, and paid for only the 30 or so liters.

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Am I the only one here who's never heard of a valve lash?  What the heck is it?  Where is it? How is it adjusted?

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