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Do you have any more details on the seals for the bowthruster.
Actual sizes and where to get them? I am in Venezuela and leaving
for the ABC's this week. And just noticed oily water seeping from the
shaft of the unit. How about info on changing the oil in the unit
while the boat is in the water?
Dan Bergin
S/V PAPA II (formally Lady Divina)

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the watermaker membrane assembly is apart. Just a Sears rubber
wrench on the end caps and it came apart in 10 minutes.
----thanks for all the help and pix. i ordered the membranes from
your source and the "o"rings from maryland metrics. they had them
stock--ps they also have the amel metric lips seals for the bow
thruster. I ordered new end caps and connecting bobbin from amel.
mine looked a little too worn.

my question de jour is why did you mount the omega quality sensor
a loop parallel to the water flow and not in series with the output

also did you have any trouble connecting the blue 3/8 inch plastic
hose to the Amel fitting? did you heat it to fit over the fitting?

Fair winds,

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Thanks for the reference-

Oddly enough, I had purchased an r/o unit for my house from them
on eBay a
year ago.

Much easier than lugging bottled water.

Works great.

Just in case, I purchased the calibration liquid from Omega.

However, I believe that the membranes are a goner. VERY

If they are dead-This weekend the membranes come out.

I had planned to head into the Pacific from St Martin last month
but headed
home to New York for some additional work before heading off.

What a disaster that would have been -imagine trying to get the
unit fixed
in the Galapagos.

Thanks for all your help.

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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See message # 2290, The vendor for the membranes is
in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the clarification.

I could not find the post that stated where you purchased your

Could you give me the name and contact info?



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