Re: Mizzen Roller Reefing

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Mohammed and Aty,

When my mizzen furler finally completely seized up, the sail was being unfurled, and the force of the winch handle is what unscrewed the shaft from the main housing.  Taking off the winch shaft from the main housing, if you can, does give you access to the gear box to grease the bevel gears.  To prevent the winch shaft from unscrewing inadvertently, I used blue locktite when I screwed it back in, having scrupulously cleaned all the screw threads beforehand.  If you are trying to take it apart you might try using an oil filter wrench strap.  It unscrews in the normal way, counter-clockwise.

If you are accumulating water in the gearbox, it is probably dripping down into the gearbox along the path of the foil.  Perhaps the drain holes in the bottom of you gearbox are plugged with old hard grease.  I did not try to take the main gearbox apart to further investigate how it is constructed.  

Good luck!  

Derick Gates
SM2K#400 Brava
Currently on the hard in Antigua

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